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Susie Steiner is a former Guardian journalist whose first novel, HOMECOMING, was published by Faber & Faber in spring 2013.

She began her writing career as a news reporter, first on local papers and then on the Evening Standard, the Telegraph and then the Times where she moved into features. In 2001 she joined the Guardian where she commissioned and wrote across print and web for 11 years. She lives in London with her husband, a fellow Guardian journalist, and two young sons.


MISSING, PRESUMED - The Borough Press (HarperCollins) - February 2016

It says a lot about Detective Sergeant Manon Bradshaw that she goes to bed with the gentle burbling of the police radio in her ear; that she sleeps with the clicks, switches, whirring, of receivers picked up and put down, colleagues conferred with, buttons pressed to receive.  It says of course that, at 39, she is single and miserable as sin (and enduring some of the worst dates in internet history as it happens)… But for Manon, this rapid response to hurt and misdeed is the sound of vigilance; human kindness in action, protecting the good against the bad.  She loves her job.

And when news of the disappearance of Edith Hind reaches her across the airwaves, it already sounds like a big case, a possible break.  Edith’s boyfriend, fellow Cambridge student Will, has returned home late on a Sunday night, to find an open door, and a smear of blood. Edith has been unaccounted for for nearly 24 hours. Bradshaw’s boss, the abrasive Harriet Harper, classifies Edith as High Risk misper, bumping the case up to the big league.

In the first frenzied 72 hours, a number of discoveries are made which will shape the case ahead. Edith’s father, Sir Ian, is ear, nose and throat surgeon to the Royal Family, close personal friends of the Tory home secretary; so this case is going to stink. Edith’s behaviour has been erratic in the run-up to her disappearance – and her close friend Helena, the last person to see her, is hiding something. A known sex offender, Tony Wright, appears in CCTV footage of Edith taken a short while before her disappearance. Then a body is discovered floating face-down in the River Ouse.

Is Edith Hind alive or dead? Was her ‘complex love life’ at the heart of her disappearance, as Det Chf Supt Gary Stanton publicly suggests? Why is there reluctance, in the senior ranks, to investigate some elements of the story? 


‘The most satisfying read in ages…Utterly brilliant’ INDIA KNIGHT

‘Loving Missing, Presumed – intelligent, funny, gripping and beautifully written’ CARYS BRAY

‘Gripping, authentic, funny and moving, Missing, Presumed hits the sweet spot between literary and crime fiction. The plot is gripping, with a twist that knocked me sideways, swiftly followed by another one that knocked me back in the other direction. More than that, the characters became dear friends over the course of the book. I'm already looking forward to the next one.' ERIN KELLY

‘Within a chapter, DS Manon Bradshaw announces herself as a detective to follow through books and books to come. A treat in store for those who love their crime fiction rich in psychology, beautifully written and laced with dark humour. Dive in.’ LUCIE WHITEHOUSE

‘Enjoyable…an intriguing mix of light and shade. DS Manon Bradshaw is a messed-up, big-hearted detective in the best tradition’ HARRIET LANE

‘This is a cracking mystery, but one peopled with such brilliant female characters, so fantastically well drawn that it feels like more than a mere thriller. Heartache, professional ambition and an urgent yearning for independence are themes here just as much as what – or if – the crime at hand might be’ THE DEBRIEF

"A highly charismatic and engaging story. Hopefully, this is just the first adventure of many Steiner will write for DS Bradshaw and her team." Kirkus starred review

"A vein of dark humor pulses beneath this compelling whodunit with an appealing, complicated heroine at its center." Publishers Weekly 




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Faber & Faber

Up on the North Yorkshire moors, the Hartle family is about to have a life-changing year.

Ann and Joe, with more than thirty years of marriage and two sons between them, are torn between giving up and pressing on with their struggling farm. Max, their older son, is set to inherit the farm and his wife Primrose has news to share, but is he ready for these new responsibilities? Their younger son, Bartholomew, escaped to the south as soon as he could, building a new life for himself with his girlfriend Ruby. But when tragedy strikes he is forced to return home ­- and must come to terms with his past, in order to create a future.

Filled with both the joys and losses of ordinary life, Homecoming is a big-hearted drama about how a family falls apart and comes back together again from a hugely talented new writer.