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British born, South Asian presenter Sugapuff is a delectable force across entertainment, presenting and social media influencing. 

Sugapuff has kept his followers entertained throughout the global pandemic with his first viral Instagram reel reaching 6.5 million views, where he can be seen happily expressing himself to Taylor Swifts release, 22. 

With more than 10,000 followers on Instagram and over ten million views amassed across viral platforms Tik Tok and Instagram - Sugapuff has been put on to a viral trajectory that has enabled the content creator to build a brand image for himself.

The British Bengali presenter is quickly becoming a recognisable name and talent within the UK influencer realm with Sugapuff being selected as a regular contributor on BBC Asian Network and featured on Popdash, EntertainmentWise and VEVO U.K. as a presenter. 

Born Hamim Choudhury into a big East London Bengali family, where he is one of two sons. Sugapuff has always had a love for people. After finishing school with unexpected grades, he went on to study Health and Social Care at London’s, Tower Hamlets College. 

Upon completing his studies, he gravitated to roles that required him to work with some of the most vulnerable people in society - the elderly, young people and those with complex disabilities.

Here he became a learning mentor, youth worker and activities coordinator. Throughout his experience, working within social care - Sugapuff was able to truly understand the different elements and cogs of communication. 

 Known for his wonderfully executed interviews across music, tv, film and fashion - Sugapuff has been a transcendent entertainment correspondent from the moment he entered the industry in 2013; having covered some of the world’s most exhilarating releases and red carpets where he has been able to interview actors, artists and icons - bringing out the best in everyone.