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Rights Executive: Alex Stephens
Assistant: Lucy Joyce
Assistant: Fatima Amin


Stephen Bywater left school at 16 to join the Merchant Navy.  He now lives with his family in Bedford, where he teaches English.  THE DEVIL’S ARK, his first novel, is a dark historical thriller with a supernatural twist, was published by Headline in May 2014. His second novel, NIGHT OF THE DAMNED, will be published by Headline in the UK in June 2015.

THE DEVIL’S ARK – Headline, May 2014

Twelve years after fighting in Mesopotamia in the Great War, Harry Ward returns to the land where he lost his faith, his mind and almost his life.  Haunted by bloody visions of bayonets, shrapnel and shells, he takes up the offer of a simple job, working as a photographer on an archaeological dig outside of Mosul. As the dig progresses, Ward begins to realise that what they have uncovered is no ordinary temple; it holds a terrible secret. Now flashbacks are the least of his problems ... and he must face a new kind of terror.

Sample reviews:

'Creepy, classy ... full of dread and lust and echoing with the sorrows of war. We need more stories like this' Christopher Golden, New York Times bestselling author of Snowblind

'An impressive debut. As much about the horrors of war as the primeval horrors that lurk in the depths of the human psyche' F.R. Tallis, author of The Forbidden

THE NIGHT OF THE DAMNED – Headline, June 2015

Brazil, 1935: A vast rubber plantation buried deep in the Amazon Rainforest is the site of a barbaric killing. When agent Miller is sent out to investigate, events take a startling turn for the worse. Men ominously vanish without warning, a cadaverous girl is spotted roaming around, deadly tropical storms and blazing fires wreak havoc, and there are whispers that the murdered man has been sighted. Who are the emaciated creatures glimpsed only after dark, nowhere to be seen in the light of day? If the horrors of local Brazilian legend are to be believed, Miller has landed himself in a living nightmare...