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Sarah Ivens is the best-selling author of eight books, including No Regrets: 101 Things to do Before You're Too Old, Married or Pregnant, A Modern Girl's Guide to Getting Hitched and A Modern Girl's Guide to Etiquette, and the founding Editor in Chief of OK! magazine in the US.

A Londoner turned Southern Belle, she splits her time between Austin, Texas and England, after seven years in New York, Los Angeles and Louisville, Kentucky. She worked for the drama development team of HBO and is a regular contributor to The Daily Mail, Mother & Baby, American Pregnancy, CNN, The Sunday Telegraph, The New York Post, Brides, Marie Claire, Chat, Parentdish and YOU magazine. She has worked on staff at Tatler, Femail, Marie Claire, British OK! and The Sunday Mirror and written for The Times, Hello!, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and various titles around the world.

trusted talking head on television and radio in the US and UK, she has made appearances on Good Morning America, The Today Show, This Morning, MTV's Top 100... and has filmed two documentaries about the Royal Family for the TLC Network.

Sarah is also a certified life coach and has a PhD in Global Humanities, with a focus on literary and gender studies.

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Let go of parenting expectations and fears to raise courageous, confident children.

The Zen Mama philosophy is that mother and child complement each other in adventures and experiences, always putting safety first but without getting caught up in the anxieties, drama, impossible expectations and mental baggage that too often comes along with modern parenting. Learning to become a Zen Mama will help you grow and nurture a Zen Child - someone who isn't afraid to be different, who can stand up for himself or his friends, and can travel the world and experiment with new things without being overwhelmed with self-doubt or being scared.

Full of facts, actionable advice and practical tips, this book will be about combining the heart and the head with what works for you and your family, not comparing yourselves to others or meeting a societal standard. It will support and nurture the mother's journey like a wise and sympathetic friend and offers ideas and experience rather than judgement.

The Zen Mama will help you to find your purpose as a mother. It will instil the self-belief you need to help create a resilient, creative, caring and smart child - and help to survive the journey.



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There is something soul-soothingly simple and refreshing about being in nature, about making the most of the great outdoors, being mindful of Mother Nature's gifts and grabbing spring and summer - and those blue sky, brisk days of autumn and winter - with both hands. But sadly it is a skill we are losing. We are becoming creatures wrapped in walls and trapped by to-do lists, hibernating while the world sprouts, grows and changes.

From a simple walk in the woods and countryside couples therapy to DIY natural beauty products and how to bring the outdoors to your home, Forest Therapy will provide seasonal tips to help you reconnect with nature. This book is not just for mountain climbers or white water rafters - it is for uninspired fathers wanting to reconnect their families, bookworms looking to shake off their cobwebs, cooped-up kids needing to let off steam, stressed-out professionals wanting to stop and smell the flowers and worn-down mums needing a rejuvenating boost. We all know getting outside is good for us. Our ancestors did it. We should too. This book will help you live your most unforgettable, fabulous alfresco life.


Mini Moff Musings

To the outside world, it looks life Sarah Ivens has it all: a successful career as an editor in New York, a handsome husband and an idyllic home in Kentucky. But one thing is missing: a baby. AMERIKARMA is the hopeful tale of coping with grief, loss and regret... And finding the positive and humorous in the darkest of times.



An anthology including Sarah's essay on the clothes swap party phenomenon.


Broadway Books (Random House)

Do you feel stuck in a rut? Is life passing you by? Are you coming to a milestone in life and wondering if you missed out on great adventures along the way? Don’t panic! It's not too late to wear that itsy bitsy bikini or go gallivanting off to Bora Bora or spend more time with dear old Dad.No Regretsoffers you 101 ways to ensure you’ll look back on life with a great big smile. No matter what your age or stage in life, this book will help you live life at full tilt, without regrets and without apologies.

For every woman who wants to live life to the fullest and wake up each morning withNo Regrets-a delightful must-have antidote for all of the woulda/coulda/shouldas in your life.

Faced with new chapters in your life-even wonderful ones like getting married or having a baby—you might find yourself questioning the things you haven’t gotten around to doing, rather than the things you have. When you stayed in and missed the party of a lifetime, were you boring? Should you have told the handsome man on the train you fancied him, spent more time with your inspirational great aunt before she died, and fought against the in-crowd to stand up for what you believed in? In a word, YES!



A Modern Girl's Guide to the Perfect Single Life is a must-have book which tells the truth about how to survive and most of all, enjoy, single life. Covering every aspect of single life from going to events alone to fending off exes to enjoying your freedom, it gives advice and guidance on the real issues of single life. Topics include:
-Living on your own
-Surviving the weekends and holidays
-Dating rules for the single girl
-Feeling fabulous
-Managing your emotions
-Enjoying your single status
-Facing the future

Packed full of common dilemmas as well as secrets of success and case studies, this book is an essential guide for all single women.



A Modern Girl's Guide to Getting Organised is a fun, info-packed guide that shows you how to take the stress out of everyday life so you have more time for yourself - and for fun!The modern girl is faced with more and more demands - climbing the career ladder, having a busy social life, looking gorgeous and conducting successful relationships - and sometimes we need a bit of help. Packed full of time-saving ideas, stress-reducing plans and useful hints, tips and personal stories from women, this book will help you in all areas of your life, from your work to your wardrobe, from your home to your holidays. Topics covered include:· Everyday skills for an easy life· Wardrobe wonders and beauty secrets· How to keep an ordered home and desk· Control your paperwork· Improve your work-life balance· Make the most of your weekends· Plan the perfect party· Preparing for high days and holidays.



In this fun, info-packed guide, Sarah Ivens, bestselling author of A Modern Girl's Guide to Etiquette, tells you how to network with integrity, how to win friends, work a room at social occasions and get ahead in business. Ideas to improve your confidence along with case studies of successful networkers will help you become the successful woman you want to be. Topics covered include: Basic etiquette and body language; Conversation starters; The art of communication; Social situations; Hosting an event; Friendships and dating; In the office.


Piatkus (Little, Brown)

Entertaining and informative, it is aimed at every woman who wants to enjoy a stylish, standout and memorable wedding. Topics covered include: Location, Location, Location - mood, lighting and surroundings; Seasonal Selection - how to suit and style for all seasons; Dressing You Up - celebrity ideas and fashion designer tips; Glamorous Gourmet - chic menus for every budget; Let Me Entertain You - discos, dances, DJs and fireworks; Picture Perfect - how to find a good photographer and learn the poses; Last Word in Style - readings, vows and speeches; Sprinkle some Sparkle - mad, crazy and unique ideas to make your wedding go with a bang;· That's Magic - honeymoons and original gifts for your wedding party.



This must-have book tells the modern girl the truth about playing the dating game - and winning at it. A Modern Girl's Guide to Dynamic Dating gives tips, guidance and real-life answers about how to find, seduce and keep the right man. Packed full of common dilemmas and disasters as well as advice and experience, this is an essential book for all single women. The topics covered include: Where to look to find love; How to attract men and look drop-dead gorgeous; Avoiding losers, perverts and time-wasters; The first date - how to play it cool when you're on fire! Charming his friends and family; Is it love or just a passion session?; What to do with Mr Perfect when you've got him. A Modern Girl's Guide to Dynamic Dating is an hilarious, unmissable guide to finding the right man with the minimum of stress.



Have you ever felt out of your depth in a social situation? Not known what cutlery to use or how to fend off your boss's advances? This fun but essential 21st Century guide tells the modern girl what to do and how to behave in every situation. Packed full of common dilemmas and advice as well as secrets of success and experience, this book is a must-have for every woman. Topics covered include: Basic rules for everyday manners; How to be a cool companion; The art of conversation; Success in the workplace; Sending out the right messages; Eating out; Being the hostess with the mostest; Being the perfect guest; Handling the rude, crude and undesirable


Little, Brown

A Modern Girl's Guide to Getting Hitched gives tips, guidance and case studies on how to plan for your big day, cope with your families and friends, and achieve your own goals. Entertaining and informative, it tells the truth about weddings that the magazines don't dare to mention.