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Agent: Robert Kirby
Assistant: Kate Walsh


Rob grew up living on 4 continents. On leaving school, he worked with amputees in Jaipur, India. Speaking no Hindi, his way of communicating with them involved sign language, drinking immense quantities of tea and drawing portraits of them in his sketchbook. He had his first paintings exhibited in Rajasthan for a cultural education campaign in 1984.

Returning to the UK, he completed a degree in English at the University of York and then became a professional artist although he had no formal training in art. With only one painting in his portfolio, he approached the Art Group in London who selected it from 3,000 entries to sell in every IKEA store worldwide. Thus he enjoyed the fleeting accomplishment of outselling copies of Monet’s Water Lilies. Subsequently, he became a children’s book illustrator with books published in the UK, USA and Italy.

Always looking for a new challenge, Rob became fascinated with learning the skills and dynamics of communication, largely because he grew up believing he had no talent for it. Over the last 25 years he has worked with people in more than 70 organisations on five continents. This has included working with the project leaders and construction managers building the London 2012 Olympics, with sports professionals and in companies such as Virgin, Vodafone, The Post Office and BBC Worldwide. He is a Non-Executive Director of BAFTA- and EMMY-winning visual effects company Jellyfish Pictures.

His first book ‘Blamestorming: Why Conversations Go Wrong and How to Fix Them’ (2014) was a finalist for Small Business Book of the Year and won the Coalition of Visionary Resources award for 'best how-to book' in the USA. It is currently available in five languages. The follow-up is 'Workstorming: Why Conversations at Work Go Wrong and How to Fix Them’, published in September 2016.

He's been married for 25 years and has 3 children. His longstanding aim is that one day every child will learn the art and skills of conversation as part of the school curriculum.




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Watkins Media

Do you come away from work conversations wishing they'd gone better? Does miscommunication impact your productivity? Are you overwhelmed by emails and meetings? In this practical and highly effective guide to great communication at work, Rob Kendall combines hard science, real-life case studies and practical suggestions for how to:
Make meetings more effective
Manage information overload and stop work spilling into your home life
Negotiate and find your voice
Have any conversation, in any circumstance with anyone at work

Irrespective of your role, and whether you communicate face-to-face, via email or phone, or online, Workstorming is the essential survival guide for smart working in the information age.


Watkins Media

Do your disagreements often escalate into rows? Do you get crossed wires when talking to your stressed partner, difficult teenager, overworked colleagues or demanding boss? Drawing on 25 years experience, Rob Kendall reveals:
How to stop conversations becoming destructive arguments
How to prepare for and conduct challenging conversations
How to reduce defensiveness in others
This uniquely accessible guide to expert conversation will put superb communication skills at your fingertips. Blamestorming outlines the reasons why our daily conversations go wrong, explains how to respond when they do and provides tips on how to stop them going wrong in the first place.

Rob's techniques have been proven to be effective for thousands of people from all walks of life and are presented in an illustrated step-by-step format that makes them easy to put into practice from Day One.