Nico Reynolds

Chef / Presenter

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Born and raised in Dublin, Nico is a self-trained chef always searching for something different. 

Nico’s love for cooking comes from his Jamaican granny who would bring bottles of scotch bonnet hot sauce by the litre to Dublin that he would in turn, bring back to South America and introduce into creative projects with chefs and cooks from around the world . This became the starting point for his recipes adding them to colourful South American dishes. Finding different ways to use his granny’s sauce for marinades, sauces, dips and bases became an obsession.

Returning to Ireland in 2018 after the best part of a decade in Argentina, Nico wanted to express how the constant migration of humanity brings new flavours and stories to every corner of the planet.

Through his pop-up restaurant Lil Portie, Nico uses a mix of home-grown ingredients with Caribbean and Latin American accents - “Caribbean cooking with sprinkles of Latin influences via Ireland “

Nico’s recent credits include:

Vice Munchies ‘F*ck that’s delicious’

Virgin Media's ‘Lodging with Lucy’