Joelle Taylor wins the 2021 T.S. Eliot Award for her 'blazing' poetry collection

'Meaty, inventive, powerfully moving work' - The Telegraph  

‘This writing is visionary – I was taken to the heart of a dense poetic history, saw every image as though I were living it. What a powerful thing to experience in a book. I loved it.’ Hollie McNish

'An excellent book of poetry by JOELLE TAYLOR exploring how some lesbian women’s histories, political destinies, safety and survival are tied to their physical identity' - the Morning Star

'I won the TS Eliot Prize last night. It was a triumphant moment of visibility for butch women.' -- Joelle Taylor, The Independent

'unlike anything I’ve ever read before. Partly autobiographical, it excavates, foregrounds and celebrates the lives of butch lesbians through the most memorable and often astonishing poetry that is at once epic and intimate.’ -- Bernardine Evaristo, TLS

‘meaty, inventive, powerfully moving work’ -- The Telegraph

'nothing short of a triumph.’ -- Idler

‘Written with equal parts love and anger, C+nto & Othered Poems hurls the reader through the doors of a lesbian bar in 1990s Soho.’ -- The Telegraph

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