Matthew Gwyther


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Agent: Robert Kirby
Assistant: Kate Walsh



Matthew Gwyther is the co-author of EXPOSURE, published by Penguin in London and New York in the Autumn of 2012. It is the story of whistleblower Michael Woodford, the “Southend samurai” who left school at 16 and worked his way up to the top post of the Japanese industrial conglomerate Olympus, only to discover that his board were involved in a two billion dollar fraud.   
Matthew has edited Management Today for the last nine years and during this time has won the coveted  BSME Business Magazine Editor of the year on a record five occasions. During a fifteen year career as a freelance he wrote for the Sunday Times magazine, The Independent, The Telegraph, The Observer, GQ and was a contributing editor to Business magazine. He was PPA Business Feature Writer of the Year in 2001. He has also worked on two drama serials one for Channel 4 and one for the BBC.  Before becoming a journalist he had a brief and inauspicious spell as a civil servant working at the Medical Research Council in its London Secretariat. 


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If Michael Woodford follows through with his threat to write a book on the events leading up to his dismissal by Olympus it promises to be a real humdinger along the lines of Too Big To Fail or Barbarians At the Gate (James Moore Independent )

Michael Woodford took a considerable risk in exposing wrongdoing. He was a study of boldness in action (Lionel Barber Financial Times )

The most celebrated international whistleblower of recent times... his story is filled with mystery, suspense, duplicity and betrayal (Management Today )

The first westerner to work his way to the top of a Japanese corporation discovered a few months later a £950m secret eating away at its heart. ... when he blew the whistle [he] learned of potential plots to take his life. (Independent )

In a world increasingly dominated by global multinationals, he just felt someone had to speak out (Sunday Times )