Marni McGee

Children's Author

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Associate Agent: Emily Talbot
Assistant: Molly Jamieson


Marni McGee is the author of 21 well-loved books for children, with another forthcoming from Little Tiger Press. Writing first for her own children, her success has come as a delightful surprise and a source of tremendous satisfaction. For her, writing for children is the greatest privilege: to touch the minds and spirits of children, while they are still pliable... like bread dough, still rising. Because she so treasures this opportunity, her stories focus on the basic of humor, forgiveness, loyalty, and love. For Marni, writing is a need, right up there with air, water, laughter and love. Her work, now published in more than a dozen countries, includes picture books, histories, and poetry. She is continually amazed by the gorgeous art that has been chosen to illustrate her words, delighting in the work of such luminaries as Ian Beck, Tina MacNaughton, Alison Edgson, Cee Biscoe, Sam Williams and others.

Though she spent her growing-up years in North Carolina, she and her historian husband have lived in Santa Barbara, California for nearly four decades, years seasoned by frequent sojourns in their beloved England. Their two children are now grown and have produced four wondrous grandchildren!

Latest Publication:

HALLOWED BE (9th October 2012, Tate Publishing)

In HALLOWED BE, readers will experience the Lord's Prayer in a whole new way. With vivid imagery that captures all of creation, readers young and old will go on a journey that rejoices in God's glory. It is an imaginative and meaningful interpretation of a familiar and beloved prayer. It comes with a free audio download which begins with these words: "Creator God, you made the world -- oceans and mountains, cliffs and clouds."