Man Who Has It All

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Working with: Eli Keren


Manwhohasitall is the man to unmask society’s dehumanisation, silencing and patronising of women. He imagines a world where only women’s voices are heard, and women are the new default humans. Flip the advice in women’s magazines. Insist on calling men ‘male chairwomen’ and ‘gentlemen doctors’. Hire men for the eye-candy and call them touchy when they complain. Manwhohasitall seizes the only story we hear and throws it back twisted and startling. The results are funny, unsettling and possibly revolutionary.


Current publication:

FROM FRAZZLED TO FABULOUS - Transworld - autumn 2016


Praise for @manwhohasitall:

"Hilarious and eye-opening" Huffington Post

"From beauty routines and housework expectations to the way mothers are often treated in the workplace, the Man Who Has It All Twitter account shares expertly flipped one-liners" Stylist

"Brilliant" Good Housekeeping

"making everyone giggle... turns on its head all the often ridiculous advice that's lobbed at working women, that unique mix of chocolate-laced guilt, "me time," overachievement, bubble bath tips and domestic goddess how-tos" New York Post