Lucy Harper

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Lucy Harper, 27, who hails from Dorset, has a passion for entertaining, making people laugh and most recently with her ASMR YouTube channel, helping people sleep.

Lucy’s charismatic personality has won over the hearts… and ears, of over 260,000 subscribers on her ASMR YouTube channel Creative Calm ASMR, which boasts over 46 million views. Since 2016 Lucy has been a key member in the ever growing ASMR community which promotes well-being and good mental health. With her quit-wit, and unscripted videos, Lucy brings her original characters to life, from Essex beauty assistants to Russian secret agents, her combination of ‘quiet-entertainment’ keeps new and existing subscribers coming back for more.

With high audience retention and views, Lucy has attracted attention from global brands, which she has integrated into her videos. Her professional, yet light-hearted approach to brand integration has sparked joy with many clients.

Lucy has over 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and her work is also available to listen to on iTunes, Deezer and more. With a keen following for her voice alone, she is available for voice overs and audio books.

With a clear passion for creativity, Lucy previously worked as a professional freelance nail artist, working with global artists to produce avantgarde pieces for shows, as well as running her own website. Her work has been published in many leading magazines and a book.    

Lucy is available for both ASMR and non-ASMR related projects.