Katharine Edgar

Children's Author

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Assistant: Emily Talbot
Assistant: Molly Jamieson


Katharine Edgar writes historical fiction for Young Adults.

As a teenager, her hobby was historical re-enactment and she used to spend most of her spare time dressed as a Tudor while learning to spin wool, shoot longbows, dance La Volta and bake bread in a four hundred year old oven with a brushwood fire. She draws on this experience in her writing, in which she aims to recreate not only the day-to-day experiences of young people from centuries ago but also the passions and beliefs that made them who they were.

She lives in Yorkshire with her husband and three children.


Recent Publications:


Five Wounds (27th February 2015, Greengate Books)

It is 1536. The north of England has boiled over into rebellion against Henry VIII and the rebels march south towards London, growing stronger by the day. Sixteen-year-old Nan Ellerton, sent home from her convent when the King's commissioners arrived, has been promised in marriage to a powerful lord. When both he and his son Francis become embroiled in the revolt, Nan must choose - help the rebels, even though it could mean paying the brutal penalty for treason, or betray her beliefs and risk eternal damnation. A stunning historical novel for teenagers from debut author Katharine Edgar, Five Wounds tells a story of adventure, passion and courage, set against the backdrop of the Pilgrimage of Grace.