Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead

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In 2014, Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead founded 2LG Studio, an Interior Design practice based in South East London. They have been described by the Sunday Time as “the rising stars of the interiors scene” and according to British Vogue, Jordan and Russell are a defining force in "the future of interiors" with their "soft and squiggly" designs.  

Originally coming from a theatre background, collaboration has always been key to Jordan and Russell's work and has naturally progressed into their design ethic. They are driven by the creative desire to give platform to new talents in the design world as well as giving life to new designs of their own. Jordan and Russell are committed not only to seeking out cutting edge new processes and materials, but applying them to the design of people’s homes.

Their adaptable and personal approach to design allows them to respond uniquely to the specific human needs of each project. Combining Form, function and decorative joy in equal measure.

Jordan and Russel's award winning design blog is their outlet for this collaborative voice. It acts as a platform to showcase their process and also that of other new talents. Jordan and Russell are the official House Doctors for the Metro Newspaper, a weekly interiors column. Their book Making Living Lovely - Free your home with creative design, is published by Thames and Hudson.