Jessie Cave

Writer / Illustrator

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Jessie is a talented actress, writer and illustrator who is best known for playing Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter films. She also appears as regular Heather in Sky One's Trollied and drama credits include Call the Midwife for BBC 1, Black Mirror for Netflix and Glue for Channel 4.

She is a talented stand-up who has had three critically-acclaimed and sell-out solo shows including Bookworm and I Loved Her. Her most recent show, Sunrise, has had several runs at the Soho Theatre and toured nationally in 2019. She has featured on 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, Comedy Central's Roast Battle and has recently filmed for Jon Richardson's Ultimate Worrier. 

On the writing side, Jessie has scripted projects in development with Kudos and E4 and co-wrote the pilot Bump with Rick Edwards under Big Talk Productions. She has also had a book of illustrations published, titled Lovesick (Ebury, 2016). Her first novel, SUNSET, will be published by Welbeck in June 2021.



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Sunset is an unconventional love story about putting yourself back together when the sky has fallen in.

Ruth and Hannah are sisters. They build each other up, and tear each other down. Even as polar opposites they make each other laugh more than anyone else in the world. Hannah is forever single, aimless and wild while Ruth is radiant, organised and hard working. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with.

But a summer holiday changes everything, and Hannah finds herself entering a long period of self-imposed exile from the world. Searching for anonymity and facelessness, she takes a job at Heathrow airport serving coffee to a slow-motion carousel of travellers, cabin crew and taxi drivers. But when a face she recognises appears in the blur, she is forced to retrace her steps back to a time when her life had hope and meaning.

A comedy about love, grief and reconciliation, Sunset is an ode to our most powerful bonds, how they build us and break us, and how, when all seems lost, we can find joy in the most unexpected places.


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Jessie Cave is a successful actress, comedian, writer and artist. But just like all other young women in the twenty-first-century, she suffers from self-doubt, jealousy, a fear of failure and constant worry. In 2010 Jessie decided to take up a self-tasked mission – to draw a doodle a day for Twitter. No matter what the subject, and no matter how personal, she would post a new drawing each day without fail, with it soon becoming a cathartic compulsion.

The doodles in this book cover all the aspects of liking someone, dating, falling in love, friendship and breaking-up – essentially becoming entirely Love Sick. They are all born from the confusing and often embarrassing moments, feelings and situations that every woman faces in her day to day dating life, the stories that instantly become hilarious anecdotes to share with friends. All the doodles will make you laugh with recognition and you will want to give the book to everyone.

This intelligent and witty book is the perfect collection of uplifting doodles that every young woman can relate to, laugh with and enjoy.