James Lent

Children's Author/Illustrator

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James was born in 1986 and now lives in a little hobbit hole in East Yorkshire. Well, it is more like your normal standard house but as a massive Tolkien fan he likes to think otherwise. He lives there with his wife and two children and they all engage with his madness (or just put up with it)

James is an illustrator/writer who transformed a childhood hobby into a love and passion after growing up with many magical tales by the likes of Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake, and in his later years, the fantastical worlds of Middle Earth and Hogwarts.

When busy working he can always be found with a cup of coffee in hand and a packet of biscuits by his side.

So there it is, James really likes coffee, heĀ  resembles a hobbit, and he's nuts about writing and illustrating (some people think he is genuinely crazy)