Indie McDowell & Atsede Kidane

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Indie is a classically trained anthropologist and a clinically trained midwife. Graduating first from the University of Cambridge, she then spent time working in Kyrgyzstan with UNICEF’s Maternal and Neonatal Health Team before returning to the UK to complete her midwifery training. Following that, Indie took up positions in Cambodia and Malawi before finally settling in Ethiopia. After a year and a half running the neonatal services and the emergency obstetric response at a busy referral hospital in the rural south-west of the country with Atsede, they chose instead to open their own clinic, where compassionate and women- centred care could take centre stage. 

Atsede is a Gurage midwife with over a decade of experience dedicated to the women of Cheha woreda. She grew up a stone’s throw from the hospital where she would later become the senior midwife, catching almost ten thousand babies and intervening in countless emergencies, touching many lives. She is a much-loved and well-respected member of the community, with women walking for hours to see her. After running the delivery room at the busy referral hospital, Atsede took up a post at a local health centre to try to improve the maternity services before coming together with Indie to open their own birth centre. 

Atsede was awarded the International Midwife of the Year Award in 2019, a tribute to her love of her profession and her passion for working to right the wrongs of health inequalities.