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21-year-old Huw Richards began growing food on his family's smallholding in mid-west Wales at the age of three. He uploaded his first gardening video to YouTube when he was twelve, and has since surpassed 30 million views online. His channel Huw Richards teaches people all over the world about how to grow their own food organically and has over a century-and-half of watchtime. Educating and inspiring the next generation of gardeners is of huge importance to Huw. 

He has been featured in the Times, Guardian and Telegraph and has appeared live on the BBC One Show. His first book, Veg in One Bed, was the top-grossing UK gardening book fo 2019. He's currently working on his second book, due for publication by Dorling Kindersley in February 2020. When he's not in the garden, you can find Huw on the sports field or travelling.

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GROW FOOD FOR FREE: The Easy, Sustainable, Zero-Cost Way to a Plentiful Harvest - Dorling Kindersley - 27 Feb 2020

Can't afford a raised bed? Try repurposing an old wooden pallet.
Don't want to spend money on buying plants? Look in the fridge and your kitchen cupboards for food that you can plant.
Need a particular tool? Barter or borrow from a neighbour.
Don't have a garden? See if someone in your area has an untended patch you can turn into a well-loved veg plot.

Huw's Grow Food for Free has the inspiration and practical advice you need to start, grow, love, propagate and harvest your own fruit and veg organically and at zero-cost. This is real sustainability!

US publication: March 2020 


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Dorling Kindersley

Month by month, discover what you need to do and how to do it. Try it in your allotment, a small garden, or even on a roof terrace.

Everything is explained in clear, photographed steps: building your bed, growing from seed, planting, feeding, and harvesting. Huw shows how to guarantee early success by starting off young plants on a windowsill. He suggests what to grow in each part of the bed, and provides alternative vegetables to swap in or out depending on what you like eating. No-dig gardening methods remove most of the back-breaking work, too.

VEG IN ONE BED goes beyond the inspiring demonstrations on his YouTube channel Huw's Nursery. In this book he organises all his ideas and suggestions into a blueprint for growing your own vegetables month by month. Little growing experience? Only a small space? No matter - with VEG IN ONE BED, you can still eat food you have grown all through the year.