Gillian Rose (Estate)

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Agent: Caroline Dawnay
Associate : Sophie Scard


Gillian Rose studied philosophy at the Universities of Oxford, Columbia and Berlin.  She was Professor at the University of Warwick where she worked in modern European philosophy, social and political thought, and theology.  Her books include Dialectic of Nihilism, The Broken Middle, Judaism and Modernity and Hegel.  She died in December 1995. 

Latest publication:

LOVE'S WORK, introduction by Michael Wood, NY Review of Books, 17 May 2011

Love’s Work is at once a memoir and a book of philosophy. Written by Gillian Rose as she was dying of cancer, it is a book about both the fallibility and endurance of love, love that becomes real and endures through an ongoing reckoning with its own limitations. Rose looks back on her childhood, the complications of her parents’ divorce and her dyslexia, and her deep and divided feelings about what it means to be Jewish. She tells the stories of several friends also laboring under the sentence of death. From the sometimes conflicting vantage points of her own and her friends’ tales, she seeks to work out (seeks, because the work can never be complete—to be alive means to be incomplete) a distinctive outlook on life, one that will do justice to our yearning both for autonomy and for connection to others. With droll self knowledge (“I am highly qualified in unhappy love affairs,” Rose writes, “My earliest unhappy love affair was with Roy Rogers”) and with unsettling wisdom (“To live, to love, is to be failed”), Rose has written a beautiful, tender, tough, and intricately wrought survival kit packed with necessary but unanswerable questions.


"This is not a pastel reverie, but a work in which the author, an English philosopher, feminist, and Marxist, not only bares her soul but carefully dissects it…Rose develops by contrast her notion of love’s work: the obligation to go on thinking and caring in spite of the certainty of physical and moral defeat. Gillian Rose died shortly after completing this rigorous and lyrical book." Boston Review

"Powerful…a miracle."  New York Times Book Review

"Sears the page it occupies." Philadelphia Inquirer

"An autobiography of astonishing elegance and concision, it is also deeply lyrical; a love song and a work song." Michael Wood

"This beautiful memoir comes right from a genuinely thoughtful heart. It is good to find that philosophizing can offer its age-old consolations so present tensely." Elisabeth Young Bruehl

"In its emphasis on the work of living, suffering, and loving, this is a masterpiece of the autobiographer’s art, intense and rationally decorous at the same time." Edward Said

"Magnificent…Makes whatever else has been written on the deepest issues of human life by the philosophers of our time seem intolerably abstract and even frivolous." Arthur Danto

"This small book contains multitudes…It provokes, inspires, and illuminates more profoundly than many a bulky volume, and it delivers what its title promises, a new allegory about love." Marina Warner, London Review of Books

"A poetic and highly intellectual memoir that encourages us to read the mare’s nest of grotesqueries that is our world of pain, illness, and trauma as a birthing-ground for the complex beauty of human relationships." Kirkus Reviews

"Part intellectual coming-of-age tale and part spiritual memoir, Rose’s search for the soul takes her on a wildly dizzying ride through despair and hope, sickness and healing, love and death." Library Journal