Georgina Stevens

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Georgina grew up on a farm in Buckinghamshire. She currently lives in London with her partner, young son, and two springer spaniels, but is planning a get away to the countryside very soon to start growing some hemp.  She has spent the last twenty years working on sustainability issues from every side of the fence (except the bad ones).  She is also a children’s author, writing for all ages, and aiming to inspire and empower her readers to make great green changes in our world.  


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Spurred into action when her seagull friend gets poorly from eating plastic, young Stella is soon on a campaign for change. A beach clean up and plastic straw ban sparks her whole community into action and soon Stella is making a big impact. And it's not long before the little seagull and all its animal friends can live in a better environment.



This book is about changing the world for the better.

It’s about how we all have the power to make a real difference.

And it’s also about the many incredible young people, just like you, who are

already taking action at a time when change is most needed.

This is a book about climate change, and the actions we can take in preventing it. From its causes and the effects they have on our beautiful planet, to the changes we can make, young eco enthusiasts will love finding out more about this global crisis.

With vibrant artwork from Katie Rewse and engaging text from Georgina Stevens, Climate Action is a positive guide to the changes, both big and small, we can make. From sustainable shopping to pollution-tackling green roofs, there are so many exciting innovations which are helping us in our quest to save the planet. What's more, profiles about the young change-makers making waves to save our planet encourage young learners to join the environmental movement.

Inspiring, informative and uplifting, this is the perfect handbook for being the change we want to see. A tree will be planted for every copy sold in the UK.


Be the Change

Finn the Fortunate Tiger Shark and his Fantastic Friends is a humorous short story about a popular tiger shark who gets into a spot of bother from eating too much plastic, and is saved by his friends thanks to their ingenious plan. The story has a strong but upbeat message for children about the impact of ocean plastic on our marine life and includes an A-Z with lots of ideas for children to try to reduce their use of plastic. This second edition of the book is accompanied by the audiobook, narrated by Jeremy Irons, and featuring Joss Stone's song Oceans. 100% of the profits from the book will be split between Greenpeace and the Social Plastic Foundation.