Genevieve Fox

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Assistant: Gabriella Docherty


Formerly the Features Editor of The Daily Telegraph, Genevieve has edited on the Independent, the Daily Mail, the Evening Standard and ES magazine, as well as on a range of other titles from YOU to Arts Review, Grazia to Glamour. As well as general features, she writes about culture, property, spas and luxury travel. As a columnist, Genevieve has explored armchair shopping, style tribes and book groups. Her memoir, MILKSHAKES AND MORPHINE, was published by Square Peg (Vintage, Random House) in January 2018.



"Remarkable: a memoir of orphanhood and cancer that is not especially melancholy. One roots for Fox as one does for a friend, but there is also an unexpected touch of the Mitfords in her funny, keen-eyed recollections. I loved it." Sarah Perry

"Fox writes with an unsentimentality that is savage and addictive. There are passages of icy brilliance." The Times 

"Generous, engaging, and laugh-out-loud funny. A reminder that the willingness to share experience, good, bad, and sometimes bloody terrifying, is one of the most delicious parts of what makes us human." Julie Myerson

"[Fox] could write about anything and make it interesting. [An] exceptionally involving memoir...  I found myself unwaveringly en rapport with Fox. What is especially attractive is that she entertains without distorting. You are in no doubt that she is poleaxed by cancer but the narrative never drags." Observer 

"Part journal and part pitch-black social comedy, this extraordinary account of childhood abandonment and life-threatening illness is also a painfully intelligent meditation on vulnerability." Rachel Cusk

"[T]his compelling memoir is in no way dark or depressing. Far from it, it’s actually at points very funny... Fox is a brilliant storyteller and a beautiful writer, and her poetry repertoire is a delight... her humour shines through even the darkest moments." Evening Standard

"[A]n unexpectedly optimistic and at times funny story of hope, warmth, and the vitality of love." Harpers Bazaar