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Elizabeth Garner


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Elizabeth Garner is the author of two novels: Nightdancing and The Ingenious Edgar Jones. She is currently completing her third: China Girls. She trained as a film script editor and has worked with a variety of UK and European production companies:  Miramax; Gorgeous Enterprises; Gate TV. She is now a story-development editor for Unbound Publishing and has worked with a range of writers across both memoir and fiction. She also teaches for the Oxford University Department of Continuing Education, where she has devised original courses in both Beginners and Advanced Creative Writing. She is a founder trustee of the educational charity The Blackden Trust, which combines academic and creative disciplines to encourage the development of original projects for both teenage and adult learners.


Set in nineteenth-century Oxford, and shot through with a powerful sense of magic, Elizabeth Garner's new novel will appeal both to fans of historical fiction and to the huge Susanna Clarke/Philip Pullman fanbase.

In nineteenth-century Oxford, an extraordinary child is born - Edgar Jones, a porter's son with a magical talent. Though his father cannot see beyond his academic slowness, his abilities as a metalworker and designer are quickly noticed, and become a source of tension within the family. When Edgar comes to the attention of a maverick professor at work on a museum of the natural sciences, Edgar is at once plucked from obscurity and plunged into the heart of a debate which threatens to tear apart the university. Edgar's position is a dangerous one - will he be able to control the rebellious spirit that fires his inventiveness, but threatens to ruin him, and to break up his family once and for all?

"Garner's imagination is compelling and the novel has real narrative drive... enjoyable and eloquent"
Helen Dunmore, The Times

"Darkly atmospheric, Garner's clean, spare prose conjures a strong ,simple narrative... a delight to curl up with' Metro

"A sad, sweet tale of the love and misunderstanding between a father and son who dare to aim for a higher place in the world"  Daily Mail


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A couple fall in love at first sight – a magical encounter. They search for a home, and soon they are building a charmed life together on the fringes of Wimbledon Common. But when summer arrives, and with it, two gregarious neighbours, their haven is transformed. In the course of lazy days of sunshine and long, hedonistic nights, the boundaries between the two households blur, and the lovers’ faith in each other is put to the test. Deep-seated tensions surface, which gradually give way to fears that echo through their days, and haunt their nights. NIGHTDANCING is an unforgettable portrayal of the transforming power of young love, and the darkness that can be born of an ordinary relationship.