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Eli Keren


Please note that I am currently closed to submissions.

I started my publishing career at Curtis Brown before joining United Agents as Sarah Ballard's assistant in 2016. Now an associate literary agent, I continue to work on Sarah's list while actively building my own. In 2023 I was elected treasurer of the Association of Authors' Agents. Before I started working in books, I was a research scientist designing and synthesising novel drugs (white coat and everything), and science books remain a particular passion of mine. I'm also looking for LGBT-themed books in both fiction and non-fiction.

In non-fiction, I am particularly interested in expert-led smart and engaging popular science. My own background is in chemistry, but I'm fairly omnivorous and happy to look at any non-fiction that grips me, be that science, cultural history or something unexpected. I enjoy books by writers completely obsessed with a niche subject who are skilled enough communicators to make the rest of the world fall in love with their passion too, whatever that passion might be. I am interested in any book that will change the world for the better. I'm probably not the right agent for books on religion or spirituality.

In fiction, I mostly work with commercial and upmarket fiction, not so much with the very literary. In commercial fiction, I'm interested in crime/thriller and domestic suspense with a strong hook and addictive storytelling. I love mysteries and whodunnits, and am also open to uplifting general fiction. I'm happy to look at historical fiction with a contemporary outlook. Towards the more literary side, I'm looking for books with plot and pace that set out to achieve something, change the way I see the world, challenge me and subvert my expectations. I don't typically work with science-fiction or fantasy, but am open to some grounded speculative fiction and magical realism. I don't work with holocaust novels.

I do not represent authors for children's and YA literature.

I am currently closed to submissions.