Douglas Reeman

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Agent: Caroline Dawnay
Associate : Sophie Scard


Alexander Kent is the pseudonym of Douglas Reeman who did convoy
duty in the navy in the Atlantic, the Arctic, and the North Sea. He has
written over thirty novels under his own name and more than twenty
bestselling historical novels based on the seafaring exploits of
Richard Bolitho and his nephew Adam, set in the war against the French
in the early 19th century.

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Latest publication:

IN THE KING'S NAME by Alexander Kent, 03 Feb 2011

It is January 1819, and Captain Adam Bolitho, newly married, makes haste to ship out from Falmouth and leave his beautiful wife, Lowenna, once again.  Bound for Freetown, on the old slave coast of Africa, HMS Onward carries sealed orders in the strongbox below deck.  But why all the secrecy?  And why Onward, so soon after the Mediterranean, and that bloody action with Nautilus?

Mission completed, yet Adam cannot and will not leave.  On their way into port, the crew of the Onward spy the debris of an allied frigate, destroyed as if taken by surprise.  There are bodies strewn among the shark-infested waters and no enemy in sight.  A single work frozen on the lips of the dead.  Mutiny.  The men begin to question who is friend and who is foe.

All is not well aboard the Onward; envy and hunger for power consume some of the crew, but they must band together and risk their lives, in the name of the King.  A searing and gripping tale of trouble on the high seas, and of the weakness of the human spirit.  In the King's Name heralds the return of the return of our greatest living maritime writer and the legendary Adam Bolitho.

Reviews for Alexander Kent:

"The storytelling has an easy mastery, how well Kent knows the psychology of navalmen" Sunday Telegraph

"Excellent ... comparable to the wonderful Hornblower novels.  Kent describes characters and actions with great clarity and skill."  Independent on Sunday

"One of the foremost writers of naval fiction." Sunday Times