Anna Mackmin

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Photograph: Joanna Millington


Assistant: Seren Adams


Anna Mackmin’s first novel - DEVOURED - was published in June 2018 by propolis books. Before this Anna worked as a theatre director. 

Praise for DEVOURED (2018):

'[B]rilliantly filmic [...] Mackmin's debut novel is a tour de force of tragicomic invention and linguistic virtuosity. Set in 1973, Devoured is a coming-of-age story: Bo tells it minute by minute, addressing herself exclusively in the second person. Broken sentences and wild ellipses rush us along, even as they detain the reader with rich verbal inventiveness. I laughed and cried my way through, fearful for Bo and her mute sister, Star. All Mackmin’s theatrical skills are in play, conjuring an off-the-wall alternative community and its intricately self-serving personal relationships. [...] I’ve never read a more sensuous and sensual book, nor one that troubled me more for its endangered children. [...] Devoured explores human hunger, freedom, betrayal. If the novel’s spirited children survive, what scars will they carry into adult life?' Guardian 


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propolis books

Swallow's Farmhouse in deep, rural Norfolk is home to Your People, a commune of free-thinkers and poets seeking a better way. But beneath the veneer of a nurturing, alternative lifestyle, an atmosphere of jealousy and threat is pushing utopia towards the brink of its inevitable collapse. Raising herself amidst the chaos is a twelve year old survivor, desperately preoccupied with her transition into womanhood. With her mute sister, beloved dog and the re-defining force of her emerging appetites, she marches resolutely towards her future, venturing - with hilarious and horrifying results - through the minefield of an adult world built on hypocrisy and misplaced ideals.