Alison Guile

Children's Author/Illustrator

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Alison is an illustrator, author and graphic designer, living and working in Brighton.

Her stylised illustrations rejoice in pattern and shape, bringing together hand cut geometric rubber stamps, lithograph printed collage and coloured pencil lines to create fun and engaging imagery. Her aim is to spark creativity by asking viewers to look, identify and question the world around them. 

Alison’s stories are adventures in the everyday, based in the mundane with the potential for the imaginative, even magical. Told with love and a strong recollection of the wonder of childhood, inspired by time spent with her Stuart (35) and Leo (3.5), collecting leaves in the park or staring out to sea. Her books are playful explorations, using cut-outs on the page and simple devices to drive the storytelling in unexpected ways.

A recent graduate of MA Sequential Design / Illustration (University of Brighton), she has also gained a Graduate Certificate in Design for Visual Communication (LCC) and her BA is Fine Art Print (University of Brighton). Since 2009 Alison has worked as a graphic designer, with expertise in building brands, layout and book design. She has a number of artist’s books held in collection of Tate Britain.