Zinovy Zinik

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Zinovy Zinik


Assistant: Seren Adams

Zinovy Zinik is a Moscow-born novelist and broadcaster. Zinik lost his Soviet citizenship when he emigrated to Israel in 1975. Since 1976 he has been living and working in Britain. Of his ten books, written and published since his departure from Russia,  four have been translated into English. His prose was also translated into French, Dutch, Hebrew, Polish and  Estonian. The novel THE MUSHROOM PICKER  was made into a film by BBC TV. His two collections of stories and sketches in Russian about his life in England AT HOME ABROAD and LETTERS FROM THE THIRD SHORE were published in Moscow in 2008. He is currently working on HISTORY THIEVES – a book about the unexpected links between Berlin, the world of Soviet spies and his Jewish grandfather. Zinik taught creative writing in Jerusalem University, Wesleyan Ct, Denver Co. and Columbia University NYC. He regularly contributes to BBC Radio, the Times Literary Supplement and other periodicals.


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Context Books

A book of long short stories.


W.W. Norton

The Kiev militiaman stood and gawped...



An eccentric lord gets mixed up with a no less eccentric group of Russian dissidents.


St. Martin's Press

Clea - ex-Troyskyite and militant vegetarian - has returned to London with her Russian husband only to witness a complete change in his personality.