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Agent: Robert Kirby
Assistant: Kate Walsh


Please only email Robert's office for enquiries relating directly to Tim's BOOKS. For film, TV, theatre and all other enquiries please contact Chiggy at PBJ.

Tim was the winner of the 2009 Edinburgh Comedy Award (formerly Perrier) for Best New Show. Nica Burns, producer of the awards, said: “Tim Key is a one-off, an adorably diffident performance poet and stand-up. His charming show is full of surprises. Tim has funny bones and is a star in the making.”

Tim also appeared in Tom Basden's play PARTY at the Edinburgh Festival 2009, which won a Fringe First award. Tim recently reprised his role as Duncan in a production of the play for The Sydney Festival and it had a London run at The Arts Theatre in March this year. It was also adapted into a four-part BBC Radio 4 series. 

Tim co-hosted the second series of WE NEED ANSWERS for BBC4 earlier this year (an anarchic comedy game show, in which celebrity guests attempt to answer questions texted in by the public) along with co-hosts Mark Watson and Alex Horne. He also appeared on Charlie Brooker's BBC4 shows NEWSWIPE & SCREENWIPE and BBC2's THE BUBBLE along with host David Mitchell and guests Katie Brand and Josie Long. He is also writing a feature film for Big Talk and Film Four. 

He recently performed his Edinburgh Comedy Award-winning show THE SLUTCRACKER at the Soho Theatre, the Arts Theatre, the Sydney Comedy Festival and Melbourne's International Comedy Festival. This year he will be performing at Kilkenny's Cat Laughs Festival and Montreal's Just For Laughs among others.

Tim is a founder member of group COWARDS who started off life on the London, Edinburgh and regional live comedy circuits. Their BBC4 Series, directed by Steve Bendelack, transmitted last year, shortly after a second radio series for BBC Radio 4.  The series was nominated for a Scottish BAFTA in the category for Best Entertainment Show.

Tim's work for BBC Radio 4 also includes two critically acclaimed series of original comedy ALL BAR LUKE, for which he is writing a third series. Originally conceived as a stage show, the series glimpses into the social life of Luke Walsall, one of those lads who never seems to make it to the front of the pack.

'The writing is terribly acute...the delivery beyond funny'  THE GUARDIAN

Website: www.timkey.co.uk



"Key locates the spot where poetry, comedy and art intersect, picnics there pleasurably, then takes a crap on it" (ADAM BUXTON)

"I am jealous of my friend Tim Key. He has one of the funniest, smartest comic minds in the country. If women start finding him attractive I will hang myself" (STEPHEN MERCHANT)

"Renders all other poetry collections redundant, which they were anyway" (CHARLIE BROOKER)

"His brief verses range from the whimsical to the sinister . . . He is quick and mischievous, rarely earnest" (Guardian)

"If there's a funnier book of poems published this year, then we will eat all the hats in the Dazed fashion cupboard. ... [Key] is one of those rare and blessed people who seem almost biologically incapable of doing anything that isn't completely hilarious. ... a total comic masterpiece from a total comic genius" (Dazed and Confused)

"Key is a brilliantly intelligent comic. His poems are hugely skilful, and often funnier in five lines than many comedians can manage to be in an hour on stage" (The List)

"He's a genius plain and simple" (Time Out)

"Tim Key is one of the most talented comedic brains in Britain! . . . This collection of his latest work is a delight" (LAUREN LAVERNE)

Tim is currently working on a children's book and a humourous memoir about his travels in India.



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This is a PAPERBACK BOOK. And it is ram-jammed full of poems by KEY. Originally it was conceived and sold as a hardback book. Increasingly KEY has agitated for that brute to be superseded by something more chic; a slimmer, more athletic version that one can slide into a pocket or down a rugby sock. And now here it is.

Within its featherweight pages you will find the vast majority of the same poems as you'll find in its unwieldy predecessor. Poems skewering such thorny issues as sex, pancakes, footy and vodka. But, in order to drum up renewed interest, KEY has also added a new poem. And there are also seven new introductions. And KEY has also been allowed to waddle round the text with his Lamy fountain pen, altering and updating. Improving. Making everything just so. For this: THE PAPERBACK.