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Sue Mongredien


Assistant: Emily Talbot
Assistant: Molly Jamieson



Sue Mongredien grew up in Nottingham and went to university in Leeds, where she studied English Literature. She now lives in Bath with her husband and their three young children.

Sue has had over one hundred children’s books published, including the Oliver Moon and Secret Mermaid series for Usborne, and the Prince Jake books for Orchard. She is also one of the authors behind the internationally best-selling ‘Rainbow Magic series’, as Daisy Meadows.

As well as children’s books, Sue also writes women’s fiction under her glamorous pseudonym ‘Lucy Diamond’.

Latest Publication:

Puppy Gets Stuck (Scholastic, 7th January 2013)

Emily's family has a new puppy. Pickle is naughty and loves exploring. But one day, when out for a walk, Pickle goes missing. Emily's family search everywhere - the whole village gets involved. Pickle can't be found. And then Emily hears a tiny yap - it's Pickle! But he's fallen into an old mineshaft. The RSPCA come to help, and the fire brigade. They will have to send a winch down and try to coax Pickle into the harness. At first Pickle doesn't get in, but then they send his blanket down and Emily shouts "get in your basket". Pickle gets in and is pulled out safely!

Upcoming Publications:

The Best Pirate (Scholastic, 5th May 2016)

Pirate Paul is the smallest pirate in the crew. He would love to climb the rigging, patch the sails, check for whales...or even scrub the portholes until they shine, if only he was allowed. The other pirates don't let him do a thing because he's too TINY. But when the rest of the crew get in trouble and fall into a nasty trap, it is little Pirate Paul who manages to save the day! With pirate accessories to cut out and keep, this is the perfect picture book for all small pirate fans looking for a big adventure!