Channel 4's LOADED Trailer is here.


The trailer for Channel 4/AMC’s brand new eight-part comedy Loaded has just been released, featuring a wealth of clients.

Jim Howick stars in a leading role as Josh. The series is a comedy-drama about friendship, ambition, gluttony, the peculiarly British distaste for other people's success, and what happens when you've got £11.5m in the bank but the cash machine has a £300 daily limit. It's about four friends trying to cling onto the slats of their relationship in the eye of a raging hurricane of money and excess and personal butlers and gold-plated Nordic headwear. The series also stars Scarlett Alice Johnson as Paula and Tony Way stars as Ross.

Dan Robinson edits Episodes 4 and 5.

Jonny Dixon, Elizabeth Berrington, Reece Pockney, Martin Collins, Nigel Planer and Reuben Johnson also feature in the series.

Loaded is coming soon to Channel 4, you can watch the trailer here: 




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