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Mina Holland is an author and journalist specialising in food and drink. She is acting Editor of Guardian Cook. Her first book, The Edible Atlas, which was published by Canongate in March 2014, explored what and why people eat as they do across thirty-nine different cuisines. Her second book, MAMA, a work on the topic of the importance of our mothers’ cooking, based around interviews with a wide range of people, was sold to Weidenfeld & Nicolson and is expected to be published in 2016. She won the Gourmand CookBook prize for Best Culinary Travel Book earlier this year for THE EDIBLE ATLAS. 




"A fascinating project, telling some fantastic stories about a broad range of cuisines. Mina’s style is engaging and illuminating and the food cries to be cooked" - YOTAM OTTOLENGHI

"The Edible Atlas is not only a delight to read but also peppered with delicious recipes, facts and flavours from around the world" - RACHEL KHOO

"The Edible Atlas deserves a place on every serious cook’s bookshelf. Intelligent, informative, entertaining and very handsome. Mina Holland’s prose is as engaging as her recipes. She is an exciting and authoritative new voice in the world of cookery and food writing" - RUSSELL NORMAN

 "Hay libros de cocina que te enseñan a cocinar; otros que te ayudan a entender la gastronomía. En este caso, El atlas comestible te alimenta el alma." (There are cook books that teach you to cook, others that help you to understand gastronomy. In this case, The Edible Atlas feeds your soul) - FERRAN ADRIA

Food has the evocative power to recall vivid memories of tastes and smells—and geography—declares food and travel writer Holland. From her travels, she offers 40 world cuisines, “the edible lovechild of both geography and history.” Holland notes the benchmark set by French cuisine, with so many towns and regions lending their names to excellent food and wine from Dijon to Camembert to Cognac. She takes into account how cuisines have evolved from invasions and immigrations, amalgamating the cuisines of various cultures as they collided, merged, and finally settled into something distinct. The book is divided according to world regions—Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Among the recipes are apple tart Normande from France, Catalan fish stew and zucchini cream from Spain, fattoush and chelow rice from the Middle East, rogan josh and coconut fish curry from India, gomen stew from Ethiopia, chicken couscous from Morocco, buttermilk cornbread from Louisiana, fruity one-chili mole from Mexico, and ceviche from Peru. Holland invites readers to treat this book as a passport to visit locales through the “most authentic insight” into culture offered by everyday dishes. Vanessa Bush, BOOKLIST



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THE EDIBLE ATLAS is a book for intrepid cooks. Mina Holland explores what and why people eat as they do across the world, demystifying the flavours, ingredients, techniques and dishes at the heart of thirty-nine different cuisines. With fully adaptable recipes to suit beginners and confident cooks alike, learn to recreate dishes from different global cuisines – from a South Indian Coconut Fish Curry to a zingy Ceviche, from a yoghurty Jordanian Mansaf to a Danish Dream Cake, from an unbeatable Spanish Tortilla de Patatas to the ultimate Caribbean Jerk Chicken.

Weaving snippets of anecdote, history and literature in with recipes and words of wisdom from some of the world's most seasoned food experts - such as Yotam Ottolenghi, Jacob Kenedy, José Pizarro and Giorgio Locatelli – The Edible Atlas is as comfortable in the kitchen as it is at your bedside.