Megan Allen


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Megan Allen is a globetrotting American who has long been active in fighting for human and animal rights. Her debut novel is a successor to her organisation of a high school walkout to protest the display of the Confederate flag, which led to its removal from multiple California schools. Megan has an undergraduate degree from Berkeley and a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh. 


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Burn House Publishing

THE SLAVE PLAYERS is a timely novel exploring racial tensions, and events unfold at a time when they are at breaking point. There is violence across the nation, and one army colonel has a vision of restoring a terrible type of order: he wants to play a game.
A game in which the pre-Civil War ‘glory days’ of slavery are reinstated with a crucial difference – this time white people will be serving black masters. All he needs now are players. When a dozen black teenage girls take a wrong turn deep in the Alabama countryside they find themselves victims of a heinous crime, and the stage is set for the colonel to show the nation what persecution and tyranny can do to the human spirit.