Levan Akin

Director / Writer

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Film, TV & Theatre

Assistant: Freddie Best

Film, TV & Theatre

Swedish-born director Levan Akin is a veteran of several major TV series for Sweden's SVT. He has worked across a number of genres--drama, crime, science fiction--playing on the darkly funny in all.

Levan’s first feature, CERTAIN PEOPLE, premiered at the Stockholm Film Festival in November 2011 and subsequently played to critical acclaim at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2012. In this blackly comic drama, which Levan co-wrote and produced on a tiny budget, a group of mid-30-somethings gather for a birthday celebration at a lovely home outside Stockholm. But the arrival of two unexpected guests upsets the delicate balance and established social dynamics of the party, revealing hidden prejudices and emotional fault lines. A whimsical framing device, breaking the film/meal into individual courses, charts its progression from polite, veiled conversation to outright dissection.



... with a breathtaking virtuosity of execution, delightful Swedish tragicomedy CERTAIN PEOPLE acerbically observes a group of bourgeois thirtysomethings with self-appointed hipster cred who gather for a birthday meal in the countryside ... [This] tonally razor-sharp debut by helmer Levan Akin, who co-wrote the screenplay with ace thesp Lisa Ostberg, oozes authenticity and filmmaking savoir-faire ... The rookie helmer, a vet of Swedish TV, uses all the cinematic tools at his disposal to generate laughs and character insight, often simultaneously. In lieu of reaction shots, the camera frequently lingers on whomever has just said something unbecoming, making the dialogue not about the reactions of those spoken to (as in traditional comedies) but about the intentions of the speakers and the effect their verbal missives have on themselves. This is entirely appropriate for a film about well-educated, self-obsessed people with a habit of assigning blame to others, even though, deep down, they're aware where the fault lies.




RMV Film

Co-writer/Director. Benny and Ludvig Andersson are financing and will produce.

CERTAIN PEOPLE [Katinkas Kalas]


Filmlance International AB

Director. Co-written with Lisa Östberg.
World premiere at the Stockholm Film Festival (2011). Winner for Best Actress.
North American premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival (2012).
Melbourne International Film Festival (2012), "Facing North: Swedish Cinema in Focus."
Hong Kong European Union Festival (2013)
Helsinki International Film Festival (2013)



REAL HUMANS [Äkta människor]


SVT / Matador Films / Nordisk Film and TV Fund

Directed 4 of 10 x 60' episodes. Shine have international distribution rights. Has sold to 50 countries and is the number 1 show in France.

ANNO 1790


SVT / ARD (Germany) / TV2 (Norway)

Directed 3 of 10 x 60' episodes.




Directed 3 episodes in the second series (12 x 60')



Svensk Filmindustri / TV4

Director of Miniseries starring Noomi Rapace.

Short Films


THE LAST THINGS [De Sista Sakerna]


Filmlance International AB

Director. Won Children's Filmfest Audience Award and Best Children's Film at Hamburg Film Festival (shared with writer Erika Stark).