Georgina Le Grice

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Agent: Georgina Le Grice

Hannah Beer

Georgina handles Foreign Rights in the below territories and a small number of estates.  She also handles Foreign Rights on behalf of John Banville throughout the World.  She started at The Marsh Agency in 2009 before moving to the rights department at Pan Macmillan and she later became Head of Rights at Ed Victor Ltd.

She now handles rights in:

Albanian (via ANA Sofia)

Bulgarian (via ANA Sofia)

Czech (via ANA Prague)

Danish (direct)

Finnish (direct)

Greek (direct)

Hebrew (direct)

Iceland (direct)

Indian sub-continent (direct)

Indonesian (via Maxima)

Japanese (via EAJ and Tuttle-Mori)

Macedonian (via ANA Sofia)

Malay (via Maxima)

Norwegian (direct)

Polish (via AJA Poland)

Portuguese in Brazil (direct)

Portuguese in Portugal (direct)

Romanian (via Simona Kessler)

Serbian (via ANA Sofia)

Slovak (via ANA Prague)

Slovene (via ANA Prague)

Spanish & Basque, Catalan, Galician (direct)

Swedish (direct)

Thai (via Tuttle-Mori)

Turkish (via Anatolialit)

Vietnamese (via Maxima)   

Rights in all other languages are handled by Margaret Halton. Children’s and YA rights in all languages are handled by Jane Willis.

If you have a general question about foreign rights please contact us at: