Clare Morgan

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Assistant: Seren Adams


Clare Morgan is Director of the Master of Studies in Creative Writing at the University of Oxford. She gained her M.Phil and D.Phil from Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, and her MA in Creative Writing from University of East Anglia, where she worked with Malcolm Bradbury and Rose Tremain.

She has taught English Literature at Oxford since 1995 and is a member of the English faculty. Her stories have been anthologized in the British Council New Writing series and commissioned by BBC Radio 4.  She reviews regularly for the Times Literary Supplement. A BOOK FOR ALL AND NONE, Clare's debut novel, was published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson in 2011.

Praise for A BOOK FOR ALL AND NONE (2011):

‘It takes confidence to depict an autumnal romance... The novel is beautifully written... A formidable debut’ Independent 

'Every single strand is fascinating and fully realised, and yet Clare Morgan somehow manages to weave them together into a dazzling, thought-provoking whole' Guardian 

'Morgan manages that symphonic trick of weaving her parallel narratives into a spell-binding, effortlessly propulsive unity' Independent 

'The novel is ambitious on many levels, tackling the meaning of self, relations between men and women, and the question of why we are here' Oxford Times


'At last there is a book that explores the deep but unexpected connections between business and poetry... There has never been a book on developing managerial potential quite like this one' Dana Gioia, former Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts and a former Corporate Executive at General Foods




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Weidenfeld and Nicolson

A withdrawn Oxford don who teaches Nietzsche, a younger female academic specialising in Virginia Woolf and her husband, a power-hungry, philandering construction mogul, come together unexpectedly. At the same time, an equally unexpected connection begins to emerge between the lives of Nietzsche and Woolf ...



This collection of stories travels the world to question its apparently romantic title through a wide-ranging examination of love and all that that word may mean. Through nuanced and finely-observed narratives, these stories are at once frank, delicate and revelatory.


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University of Michigan Press

What does poetry bring to business? Through her own experiences and examples, Morgan demonstrates that the skills necessary to talk and think about poetry can benefit leaders, strategists and executives who face infinite complexity and are armed with finite resources in a changing world.