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After campaigning with Greenpeace for years, Catherine trained as a journalist and became Editor at the Natural History Museum, writing exhibitions. Since moving to the Welsh borders, she has been working with her partner in their design studio and writing books. Catherine is interested in writing nonfiction stories that spark questions and conversation. Her experience of becoming an author is fascinating, all-consuming and joyfully collaborative. She is a proud Patron of Reading for a local school and mother of two teenage girls. Catherine’s first book, The Story of Life, was shortlisted for The English Association Picture Book Award and long listed for the School Library Association Information Book Awards in 2016. Her second book Elliot’s Arctic Surprise is a story about protecting the Arctic, written in conversation with Greenpeace UK. She is currently working on a new series in partnership with the Natural History Museum, the first of which is due to be published in August 2017.


Latest Publications:

TEN REASONS TO LOVE AN ELEPHANT (3rd August 2017, Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

This brand new series from Frances Lincoln Children's Books gives children 10 reasons why each animal is amazing, and five ways they can show they love it! Elephants go on incredible migrations, know that granny knows best, can be incredibly clever and can scare off lions with their huge ears. Show you love them by buying FSC products and NEVER buying anything made of ivory. This gorgeous, gifty book, written by non-fiction expert Catherine Barr, is a must for any young animal enthusiast.

"Each title showcases a different creature by detailing 10 reasons why we should love them, plus five practical ways we can protect them. With a strong environmental slant, it’s a really fresh and accessible approach…" The Bookseller, May 2017

TEN REASONS TO LOVE A TURTLE (3rd August 2017, Frances Lincoln Children's Books) 

Turtles are amazing creatures! They go on incredible journeys, have beautiful shells, can hold their breath for hours and even cry salty tears. You can show you love them by not dropping litter on the beach and NEVER buying anything made of tortoiseshell. Discover ten reasons why turtles are amazing and five ways you can show they love them in this gorgeous picture book written by non-fiction expert Catherine Barr - a must for any young animal enthusiast and a fantastic introduction to environmental issues.


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Frances Lincoln Children's books

This beautiful follow-up to The Story of Life brings to life the story of our universe for younger children. Travel back in time to the Big Bang, see galaxies and stars form, watch the birth of our planet and how life begins, join the first man on the moon, and wonder what mysteries are still waiting to be discovered.