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Annie Hauxwell was born in London. She abandoned the law to work as an investigator and now combines this with writing. She lives in a small country town in Australia when not in London.

Her career includes prize winning short crime fiction; cross-media; dedicated DVDs; and professionally produced theatre and film. Her feature screenplays have been optioned in the U.S. and Australia.
On 20 May 2011, Annie's first novel IN HER BLOOD was shortlisted for the prestigious UK Crime Writers' Association's Debut Dagger.
Current publication:
The hands were warm. Soft fingers, but flesh inflected with iron. Squeezing. The tongue lolled and protruded from the mouth. Vertebrae fragmented, one, two, three, until finally the hands relaxed and the limp body slid from their embrace. Blood turned to ice and sealed the nostrils. It's the week before Christmas. Catherine Berlin sits alone gazing at a bank of monitors, each capturing a slice of a vast industrial estate. A van appears: two men delivering crates, moving quickly. Her boss tells her to ignore them, but she can't. Berlin's scars have faded, but she still walks with a limp. Broke, she's working nights as a relief CCTV operator, and looking for something more substantial. Her heroin habit is under control - only just. The night shifts end, but now Berlin herself is being watched. When an old friend offers her a job in Russia, she quickly agrees. The details are vague: an oligarch with a shady past, a UK company offering a high fee for Berlin to investigate. Easy enough. But Berlin arrives in Moscow to find that her problems are only just beginning. A body is found at the airport: a man clutching a sign reading 'Catherine Berlin'. There are figures following her, and her guide, a Brit named Charlie, has secrets to hide. When Berlin's oligarch goes missing, she finds that she cannot trust anyone or anything, even her past, if she is to survive.

Praise for the Catherine Berlin series:

"A very smoothly written, disturbing book... absolutely fantastic. It is so well written that you can smell the fear... A truly beautifully written piece of work... I loved this book... I couldn't put it down. If you like dark crime that isn't too gory but messes with your head then this one is definitely for you!"

"A full-throttle page-turner." West Australian

"Hauxwell has mastered commercial crime fiction, so you fly through chapters effortlessly while appreciating the complexity and realism of her flawed characters." Sydney Morning Herald

"A great set up... [Hauxwell] is an evocative and original voice... Highly recommended." South Coast Register

"A great tale... Hauxwell herself worked as an investigator for 20 years, so the background for Catherine Berlin always rings true." Ballant Courier

"Hauxwell's characters are desperate people... I found myself caring about Catherine and impressed by the narrative. This book will appeal to general crime readers, and I would recommend it to fans of Jeffrey Deaver and Gabrielle Lord's earlier books." Books & Publishing

"A Bitter Taste is a dark, gritty crime fiction novel. Annie Hauxwell's unique heroine and intriguing plot ensure this is an engrossing read and I am looking forward to the series continuing." Book'd Out blog

"A Bitter Taste is an example of how excellently painted characters and thrilling action that doesn't resort to cheap tricks can plunge you directly into a world. I hated putting this one down." Readings Bookshop

"It was easy to become invested in the story and that's largely because of Hauxwell's ability to create an addictive story that is easy to read. She has a knack for writing dark, individual and original stories." Sassy Book Lovers blog

"This is powerful and uncompromising fare from an intriguing writer." The Good Book Guide

"[A] blood-soaked world of corruption and abuse updated for the 21st century... Berlin is both tough and fragile but far from stereotypical... Her closest relative in modern fiction is the alcoholic DCI Jane Tennison in Prime Suspect. Catch the wave now, while it's building." The Times

"With meticulous detail and great character depth, In Her Blood is an assured start to Hauxwell's career as a novelist." Irish Examiner

"A stylishly written and assuredly paced debut that heralds a promising new series." Financial Times

"The writing is sharp and suspenseful, the plot engaging, the characters enthralling. I'm hooked on Annie Hauxwell and hanging out for my next fix." Radio National Books and Arts Daily


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William Heinemann and Penguin Australia

She was ten years old, but knew enough to wipe clean the handle of the bloody kitchen knife. The night was stifling; the windows were closed, sealing in the chaos. A table upturned, shattered crockery. Her distraught mother, bare shoulders raw with welts, knelt beside her motionless father. The child snatched up her backpack, and ran...
London sweats in the height of summer. The parched city has slowed to a claustrophobic shuffle and there's no end in sight. Heroin-addicted investigator Catherine Berlin hides her scars from prying eyes while working on the worst of all cases: matrimonial.
The capital's junkies suffer from a drought of a different kind. A strung-out ghost from Berlin's past turns up on her doorstep with a desperate plea for help: her ten-year-old daughter is missing. Reminded of a debt owed, Berlin agrees to help, but the search becomes far deadlier than she could ever imagine, drawing her deep into an underworld of corrupt detectives, ruthless drug dealers, and a child killer...
A Bitter Taste is the thrilling second instalment in the magnificent crime series featuring civilian investigator Catherine Berlin, whose long-standing heroin addiction is only part of her story.


William Heinemann and Penguin Australia

The first in a series of crime novels starring the magnificent Catherine Berlin, a civilian investigator whose long-standing heroin addiction is only part of her story.

On a bone-chilling February morning, Catherine Berlin, investigator with the Financial Services Agency, finds the almost-headless body of her informant, 'Juliet Bravo', rolling in a shallow reach of the Thames. That Juliet Bravo's death is linked to an investigation of local loan shark Archie Doyle is no surprise to Berlin, but when Berlin's own unorthodox methods are blamed for the murder, she realises bigger predators are circling.

To start with, it looks as though Berlin will pay only with her job. And then, on a routine trip to her GP (one of a dying breed who will still prescribe heroin to long-term addicts), she stumbles across a second body.

Suspended, incriminated, and then blackmailed into cooperation by the detective leading the murder investigation, Catherine Berlin has seven stolen days of clarity in which to solve the crime - and find a new supplier.

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