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Agent: Ariella Feiner

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I started working at PFD in 2006 before moving to United Agents and I am now nurturing my own client list which includes many bestselling, critically acclaimed and award winning authors.

One of the joys of being a literary agent is the range of books I can work on and I enjoy reading from a wide selection of genres. I want manuscripts which make me sit up and take notice of them, whether it be through beautiful prose, a hugely original idea or, at their best, stories which make me sob.

I am on the lookout for anything which is extremely well-written, but in particular: reading group books, high-concept tales, novels with magical realism in them, crime and psychological thrillers, historical fiction with a twist (no straight WWI or WWII books, please), exciting non-fiction such as biographies about strong women in history or mouth-watering cook books and anything, like The Lovely Bones, Room or The Time Traveller's Wife, which breaks the mould. Recent books I've loved include Behind Her Eyes, Fierce Kingdom and Black Eyed Susans.

For submissions please email a synopsis together with either the first three chapters if it is a novel or a proposal for a non-fiction book directly to me at