Adnan Sarwar

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Agent: Rosemary Scoular
Assistant: Natalia Lucas


Adnan Sarwar is a former British soldier. During his time in the Royal Engineers he qualified in bomb disposal, mine clearance and as an armoured vehicle commander. He served overseas in Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar and Cyprus. In his role as a physical training instructor, he was active in various sports including parachuting, skiing and climbing in France, Germany, Austria and Poland. His proudest moment was rescuing a family stranded in the Welsh mountains after qualifying as a mountain leader. 

On leaving the military, he trained as a bodyguard and worked as a military adviser to film and TV for the BBC and ITV. He gained an MA in Film Production and helped make productions realistic from script to screen, subsequently acting at the National Theatre. He wrote for The Guardian, the BBC and won The Bodley Head/Financial Times Essay Prize in 2013. Alongside this he worked on preventing violent extremism in the north of England. 

He currently works for The Economist newspaper.




Dangerous Borders

October Films - BBC 2